Credentialing is the process of establishing contracts for physicians with the necessary insurance payers in order to accept payment from multiple health plans. NationsMD aligns your organization with a spectrum of payers to be credentialed from the largest, more popular payers, to the smaller, localized, and sometimes industry relevant payers. Our team will set your practice up for success by developing contracts with each health insurance plan to ensure you are able to accept a wide range of payments, and continue to increase patient intake.

In addition to establishing contracts, NationsMD will oversee the management of these contracts. Periodically, credentialing contracts will need to be renewed and missing a contract renewal can often have extreme consequences in disrupting your revenue cycle. Our skilled team members monitor every one of your contracts to ensure your physicians and your practice are credentialed and current. Most importantly, our skills in contract negotiation will get you the best rates possible with each insurance payers to achieve the highest reimbursement. In addition, we keep your licensing intact and up to date, filing any and all malpractice insurance and critical DEA information. Therefore, organizations such as CAQH are quickly able to verify your necessary credentials, licenses, and certifications.

It’s simple, you do less paperwork, get timely and accurate credential filing, continue operating smoothly, get reimbursed on time, and relay information easily with our personalized information portal. Take advantage of our low cost credentialing!

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