Executive level mindset managing and protecting the profitability of your practice.

  • Industry Benchmarking: Comprehensive practice analysis to determine the operating and financial health.
  • Compliancy: NationsMD will help you and your employees maintain proper compliance and accountability while maintaining services at maximum performance.
  • Streamline Efficiency: Isolate on key areas to improve productivity and patient intake.
  • Key Account Executive: Assigned, seasoned Account Executive to focus specifically on your practice.
  • Case Studies: Receive in-depth reporting and analysis of your practice with current and prior metrics.
  • Analysis & Strategy: Financially competent, we ensure that you have qualified data to determine current conditions and future growth plans.
  • Credentialing: Let our team manage the complex and tedious paperwork of proper credentials while staying informed on upcoming expiration’s, new regulations, and industry standards.
  • Competitor Benchmark: Operating without proper financial reporting will stagnate your practice. We’ll compare your market position and revenues across market segments.
  • Teamwork: Cross collaboration primarily to achieve positive outcomes.

A CFO Minded
Managing Your Revenue Cycle!

Bottom Line, We Get Results.